Do You Hear What I Hear?

You’re on your way home from work, listening to your local radio station, and what did you just hear? An admissions director from your nearby UW System campus who was talking about the value of a college education!

Starting last week until the end of May, you might hear more and different messages. Our office has facilitated a number of public service announcements (PSAs) being recorded and distributed to more than 100 radio stations in Wisconsin.

Statistics tell us that people with college degrees earn much more money over a lifetime than people without. But the point of these PSAs is not about earning money. They touch on other important aspects of earning a college degree, such as the probability of being employed, and the likelihood of having both employer-based retirement accounts and health insurance.

Of course we are hoping to encourage people to attend a UW System campus. Even more so, we are hoping to encourage people to attend college. Period.

Photo courtesy of UW-Superior

Photo courtesy of UW-Superior