College Board and SSNs

Our office received word that starting this fall, the College Board will no longer collect, store, or disseminate Social Security numbers from students who take the following tests:

Photo courtesy of UW-Eau Claire

Photo courtesy of UW-Eau Claire

  • SAT, PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, and NMSQT
  • Advanced Placement
  • CLEP

The College Board is making the change to “enhance our commitment to protect student privacy and align with best practices across the education sector.”

Note that due to unique needs or compliance with federal systems, the use of Social Security numbers will not change for students in the following College Board financial aid programs:

  • CSS Profile
  • IDOC

As a reminder, the following College Board programs do not collect Social Security numbers:

  • MyRoad
  • BigFuture