College Board and SSNs

Our office received word that starting this fall, the College Board will no longer collect, store, or disseminate Social Security numbers from students who take the following tests:

Photo courtesy of UW-Eau Claire

Photo courtesy of UW-Eau Claire

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Regional Placement Testing Site Opens Feb. 1

Registration for math, English, and foreign language Regional Placement Testing for next year’s college freshmen opens February 1.

There have been a couple of changes to how UW System campuses place students into math and English courses, if the students have no college transfer in those subjects. Here is a quick summary:Continue Reading

Accommodations for SAT, AP Exams

Photo courtesy of UW-Oshkosh

Photo courtesy of UW-Oshkosh

The College Board is making it easier to request accommodations for all of their exams, including the SAT and AP exams. As of January 1, 2017, students who have an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or 504 Plan can receive the same accommodations automatically approved for the College Board exams.Continue Reading

ACT or SAT? Math

We explored the differences between the ACT and SAT’s reading sections in last week’s post. There are some important differences in the math sections of the tests, too.Continue Reading

ACT or SAT? Reading

The SAT has become more like the ACT considering the changes that came out earlier this year. However, the reading sections are very different, and one of the tests may play to a student’s strengths.Continue Reading

ACT Supports English Learners

Photo courtesy of UW-Green Bay.

Photo courtesy of UW-Green Bay.

Last week, ACT put out a news release indicating that they will provide supports on the ACT test for US students who are learning English. Beginning in the 2017-18 school year, the goal is that ACT scores earned by English learners accurately reflect what they have learned.

These are the types of supports that qualified English learners will be eligible for:Continue Reading

Early Math Placement Test

Last week, our office sat in on a presentation given by the people who developed the Early Math Placement Tool (EMPT), and we heard how effective it is in preparing high school students for college-level math courses. But let’s start at the beginning.Continue Reading

Placement Testing Registration Is Open

RPTStarting today, students who have been admitted to a UW System campus for fall 2016 may register for regional placement testing. Students may complete their placement tests in math; English; and French, German, or Spanish as appropriate. The results of these tests will determine at which academic level they will start their college course work.Continue Reading


r2cactsatThe ACT was revamped a few short years ago. In March 2016, the new SAT will be released with some big changes: the writing test is now optional, and the “guessing penalty” has been removed.

We thought you’d appreciate knowing the differences and similarities, so one of our industrious student employees created a chart for you.Continue Reading

Taming the “Test Retake Cyclops”

Back in the day, we took the ACT or SAT once. Not both tests, either—just one.

1354021-cyclopsNowadays, it is common for students to take an exam not just once or twice but three or four (or more!) times with the hopes that they will increase their scores. I’m picturing an angry Cyclops with that giant eyeball focused intently on that one desirable score.Continue Reading