New Financial Aid Letter

Photo courtesy of UW Colleges

A college education is one of the most significant investments students will make during their lifetimes, and it’s important for them to understand the ins and outs. Continue Reading

IRS Data Retrieval Tool: Down until Fall

Photo courtesy of UW-Milwaukee

Photo courtesy of UW-Milwaukee

The IRS Data Retrieval Tool on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be down for the next few months. It was turned off following concerns that its data could be used by identity thieves to file fraudulent tax returns. The tool is expected to be back online in fall 2017, after extra security is in place to protect taxpayers’ data.Continue Reading

Financing a College Education

We recently hosted a webinar about how families finance a college education. Jill Gosse, a longtime staff member at Sallie Mae, was our featured speaker. She had a wealth (pun intended) of information for our counselors. While there is no “one size fits all” solution for financing college, she said that families should follow the 1-2-3 approach:Continue Reading

Many Fin Aid Filing Dates Approaching

Photo courtesy of UW-Stevens Point

Photo courtesy of UW-Stevens Point

Making sure we’re all playing the same song–

You’ve heard that our campuses have new preferred financial aid filing dates this year. Seven of our UW campuses want students to submit the FAFSA by February 1. Continue Reading

College Goal WI: January Dates

College Goal Wisconsin is a statewide event that provides free information and assistance to families who are filling out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), the federally required form for students seeking financial aid, such as grants and loans. Completing the FAFSA is the first and most important step in qualifying for aid.Continue Reading

Early FAFSA Ignites Seniors

The FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) became available on October 1 for high school seniors, rather than the historical January 1 date. Preliminary results are in.Continue Reading

Seriously Excellent FAFSA Resources

Photo courtesy of UW-Extension.

Photo courtesy of UW-Extension.

This will give you something to sing about.

You’ve heard that the 2017-18 FAFSA opened on October 1. Some WI high schools have already had their financial aid nights for their seniors, and some are scheduled soon.

If you haven’t yet planned your evening, here are some funsies you can use.Continue Reading

$$$ for Low-Income Seniors

Last year, more than $2.7 BILLION (!) in financial aid went unclaimed. A new campaign was released last week to help high school seniors from low-income families get money for college.Continue Reading

Talkin’ About Financial Aid Already?

Yes we are!

You may know that high school seniors can begin to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Financial Aid) as early as October 1 starting this year. It’s a change that has happened across the country, and it’s rocking the worlds of high schools and college campuses.

We’ve got you covered. Continue Reading

Yowsa! It’s Financial Aid Award Time!

Photo courtesy of UW-Eau Claire

Photo courtesy of UW-Eau Claire

It’s Financial Aid Award time! After students have been admitted by the campus and apply for financial aid, they receive a financial aid award letter. The award includes the types and amounts of financial aid that the student may receive from federal, state, private, and campus sources. The award will vary from campus to campus.

This time of year is both exciting and nerve-racking to college-going families. What makes it nerve-racking? Besides the obvious fact that investing in college is a big…well…investment, many parents also wonder whether they are understanding everything about this process that they should be understanding.Continue Reading