The Key to Being Admitted

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Seriously Excellent FAFSA Resources

Photo courtesy of UW-Extension.

This will give you something to sing about. You’ve heard that the 2017-18 FAFSA opened on October 1. Some WI high schools have already had their financial aid nights for their seniors, and some are scheduled soon. If you haven’t yet planned your evening, here are some funsies you can use.

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$$$ for Low-Income Seniors

Last year, more than $2.7 BILLION (!) in financial aid went unclaimed. A new campaign was released last week to help high school seniors from low-income families get money for college.

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About NCAA Division III Athletics

Photo courtesy of Craig Schreiner/UW-Whitewater

Our popular LiveLine webinar series continues this fall with a topic many high school counselors wonder about: NCAA athletics.

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Completing that Application File

Photo courtesy of the UW Colleges

Fall is a great time for your seniors to apply for admission. It’s also a great time for your seniors to ask what else a campus needs from them. Here’s a reminder.

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Application for Admission: Higher Ed

Photo courtesy of Jonathan Soffa, UW-Stout

Last week, we focused on the most common question students ask about the application for admission. This week, we will tackle the second most common question:

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Application for Admission: Courses in Progress

Photo courtesy of UW-River Falls

It may feel like you need safety goggles to understand and complete the “courses in progress” sections of the UW System application. But no more! Here are some common questions and  answers about those sections.

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Texting 45,000 Students

Photo courtesy of UW-Oshkosh.

Our pilot texting campaign last winter was a complete success! For nine months, we texted nearly 1,500 high school seniors with different tips about applying for college, financial aid and scholarships, and getting ready to head off to college in the fall. We engaged 70% of the seniors in back-and-forth texting, which according to national […]

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Talkin’ About Financial Aid Already?

fin aid card

Yes we are! You may know that high school seniors can begin to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Financial Aid) as early as October 1 starting this year. It’s a change that has happened across the country, and it’s rocking the worlds of high schools and college campuses. We’ve got you covered.

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UW Goodies for Counselors

Goodie bags

You’re anxious to get back to work, and we’re happy to give you this blogful of virtual goodies right when you need them!

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